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Les Noces Rebelles Vaud AOC

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  • Millesime
  • Cépage
  • En accord
    aperitif, mixed salads, fresh-water fish, poultry with sauce, hard cheeses
  • Température
    10-12° C
  • Conservation
    3–5 years

Les Noces Rebelles ( A Rebellious Wedding) is a marriage of grapes, a marriage of regions, and a first-ever marriage of Dézaley and Yvorne wines: An audacious cuvée made from a selection of finest grapes from Domaine Blondel in Cully and Artisans Vignerons d’Yvorne.

This one-of-a-kind blend has given a wine that discloses the best attributes of its origins. The nose is complex and generous, with lovely notes of vineyard peach. Rich and inviting on the palate, it reveals the sweetness of a Dézaley and the mellow bitterness and lingering freshness of an Yvorne.